How To Shrink Leather Shoes With Vinegar

How to shrink leather shoes with vinegarThe leather shoes you once loved the most have become oversized and too stretched out to wear now but you are just not over them yet? Wearing additional pair of socks and shoe pads to tighten your shoes is as weary as it sounds. Hence the thought of shrinking your leather shoes must have crossed your mind instantly; rest assured because there are different ways to do so.

The unique property of leather is its flexibility and durability.  Though this quality is accompanied by a small drawback that is, the flexibility leads the product to become oversized in no time. However, there is a solution to this limitation. Vinegar might be the easy way out in this situation for it has the ability to shrink the leather. You might be wondering how to shrink leather shoes with vinegar? It’s as simple and easy as it sounds.

How To Shrink Leather Shoes With Vinegar

Ever wondered why your leather shoes shrink when not used for a while or become too stretched out to wear after some time. It is so because leather shoes are made from animal skin, which has the ability to stretch or shrink in response to the pressure from surroundings.  Have a pair of leather shoe that is lying around and you are unable to use it because it’s too stretched? It’s easier than you imagine; for shrinking men’s leather shoes all you will need is:

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  • A pair of old socks
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • Your leather shoes

Follow Steps To Shrink Shoes

  1. Take a clean bowl and pour some water and vinegar of equal ratio in the bowl.
  2. Take the pair of socks, preferably cotton socks and dip them in the above solution.
  3. Let the socks soak and absorb the solution.
  4. Without squeezing the water vinegar solution, take the sock out and place it in each pair of the shoe.
  5. Let the socks be in the shoes for an hour or two so that the solution gets absorbed evenly.
  6. Afterwards remove the socks and place the shoes in a warm spot, preferably under direct sunlight.
  7. Make sure the shoes get dry otherwise cracks will appear on the leather.

Afterward try your shoes on and see if the shoes require more shrinking. The process is easy yet a lot of care is required, one wrong step may damage your new or favorite shoes.

How To Stretch Your Leather Shoes

Where one can make their leather shoes smaller to adjust their feet size, stretching your small shoes is also possible. The readjustment of the small-sized leather shoe to a stretched leather shoe can be achieved by various methods. Some appropriate strategies on how to stretch your leather shoes without damaging them are as follows:

  1. Try putting your shoes on with thick socks and then fasten your shoes. Use a hair dryer for a fair 30 seconds on the areas that are too tight. While doing so make sure the hair dryer is in motion and not too heated, you don’t want to burn the leather.
  2. Another easy way would be wearing your shoes around the house. If the thought that your shoes will wear out or will no longer look new is bothering you, use carpeted surfaces.
  3. Shoe stretch sprays are easily available in the market and are easy to use. Apply them on tightened areas of your leather shoes and get yourself a custom stretch.

The above ways will surely help you to stretch your shoes. If you are afraid that you will end up ruining your favorite shoes seek out a professional shoe repair shop or a cobbler. Cobblers can stretch your leather shoes for you and even provide you with repair services that will make your leather shoes last for a relatively long period of time.

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Step By Step To Shrink Leather Boots

Vinegar has its ability to contract the tissues of leather enabling the leather to shrink. However, there are other ways to consider that could be used to shrink leather boots.

  • Submerge your boots in water. Make sure to place them the same way. Do so if you want your boots to shrink evenly. After an hour use a hair dryer or even better, place them in sunlight to dry without any cracks.
  • Another thing you can do after taking your boots out of water is to wear them over your socks. The shoes will start to shrink as soon as they are out of the water and wearing them at that time will help you to get just the right size of shrink.
  • Similarly wearing wet socks in boots will also allow the boots to shrink.
  • Use vinegar and water solution to soak an old pair of socks. Place one sock in each boot without squeezing the solution out of it. Let it be for a good hour or two. Afterwards take the socks and let the boots dry in the sunlight.

Simple Way To Shrink Leather Shoes

Likewise, to shrink shoes all you will need is:

  • Spray bottle
  • Hair dryer
  • Your shoes

Follow the following process:

To shrink faux leather shoes all you have to do is get yourself a spray bottle fill it with water and spray it on the shoes from a fair distance of at least 4-5 inches. Use a hair dryer at medium power level to dry the shoes. Wear the shoes after fully dried and see if they need more shrinking. If so then repeat the process till they are just the right size.


Leather has the ability to stretch and shrink in response to the stress subjected to it from its surroundings.  However, there are ways to undo the shrink or stretch of leather. Vinegar has the natural ability to make the tissues in the leather contract. To shrink your leather shoes with vinegar grab a bowl and pour an equal ratio of water and vinegar. Soak a pair of old; if possible, cotton socks in the bowl filled of the above mixture.

Then place the socks in your shoes for an hour or two. Afterward, place your shoes in sunlight after they dry and see if they fit perfectly. If they need more shrinking repeat the process. Now you no longer have to worry about your leather shoes being over sized or undersized as you can easily fix this on your own at home.

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