How To Choose Best Shoes For Intoeing Toddler In [2021]

Toddlers whose feet point inwards rather than pointing straight are commonly known as pigeon-toed children, or you can say they are suffering from intoeing. This disorder is very widely seen in toddlers. But it is not something much to worry about.

Many orthopedics and pediatricians say that many children who suffer from intoeing tend to cure themselves by 6-8  years. They can easily surpass this disorder without requiring any extra medical attention. The only thing that you must take care of is their footwear.

While the corrective shoes for intoeing of your mid might not trouble you that much, finding the perfect support from the shoes is a lot of trouble. Many of you fail to find a pair of shoes that suit them well for their intoeing problem. With the excellent support from the shoes, your kid will walk just like the other kids.

To help you in finding the best shoes for intoeing toddler, at Baby Shoes I’m bringing this guide. All the guide findings fit well for the feet’ intoeing feet problem as we selected them after adequate research. So without further ado, let’s get going to our reviews.

Top 5 Best Shoes For Intoeing Toddler In 2021

  1. TOEDNNQI Boys Girls Sneakers Kids

Our first pick for the best shoe for the intoeing toddler comes from TOEDNQQI. These stylish sneakers embrace an elegant look with a tie-less lace and a Velcro strap at the top so that your kid will get a snug fit of the feet. These shoes will make for easy slip-on and off of the shoes with such a vamp. Furthermore, these shoes are a perfect fit for both baby girls and boys.

TOEDNNQI Boys Girls Sneakers

The best thing for pigeon-toed kids in these sneakers is their super soft soles. This shoe offers lightweight for the feet while providing maximum comfort from its completely breathable top material. You kid can walk, run or play in these lightweight and stylish shoes just like any other toddler will do.

The shock-absorbing technology is enforced into the soles. This shock-absorbing owes to protect the little bones of the muscular strains while providing adequate support for the knees, ankles, and back. With the soft cushioning of these shoes, thanks to EVA midsole and crash pad cushioning, your kid will walk, run and play comfortably.

As for the intoeing toddlers, the grip of the outsole and lightweight of the shoes is a must. These sneakers tend to outperform in both these departments. Its non-marking outsole combine with a lightweight mesh top makes for both comfort and traction of the feet. You can rely on these sneakers for your intoeing toddlers as they are the best toddler shoes for intoeing.

  • Breathable and comfortable for all-day wearing

  • Velcro strap provides a snug fit

  • Non-marking outsole provides max traction

  • Shock absorbing and supportive shoes

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Available in different colour assortments

  • Runs narrow for wide feet

  1. DADAWEN Boy’s Girl’s – Casual Strap Sneakers

Are you looking for super flexible shoes for your toddler? If yes, then these DADAWEN casual strap sneakers will serve you perfectly. These shoes come with stylish looks due to its mesh top with contrasting colour designs on the top and the bottom of the shoes. You will be getting maximum comfort and style from these joker shoes for your kid.

DADAWEN Casual Strap Sneakers Running

The upper of these shoes come with a hook and loop closure to provide a snug fit for the feet. Additionally, to offer the maximum breathability, these shoes comprise a breathable mesh vamp. This deodorizing fabric lining makes for sweat-free all-day wear of the boots while comforting at max. You can count these shoes as the best shoes for pigeon-toed running.

The full cushioning of the tongue and collar of the shoes and super-flexible sole of these shoes make for super-comfort for the intoeing feet. You will be getting a long-lasting performance from these shoes owing to their durable material construction. These shoes despite being complete cushioning, make for lightweight shoes.

From the bottom of these shoes, you will be getting complete support, so for the intoeing feet, they will keep them pain-free and relaxed all day. For maximum traction for unstable feet, these shoes offer a nonmarking outsole and anti-collision design. You will get max performance from these wear-resistant shoes.

  • Breathable and sweat-absorbing vamp construction

  • Super-flexible that mold to the feet

  • Completely cushioned

  • Easy slip-on design with Velcro strap

  • The contoured outsole provides anti-collision and slip-resistance

  • Lightweight

  • Rip off quickly

  1. Zoneyue Flat Sneakers

next onboard are Zoneyue sneakers. These sneakers highlight some fantastic features to mark them the best shoes for the intoeing child.  The look of these shoes is perfect to wear them on any occasion s like outdoor walking, festivals, etc. The lightweight design of these shoes encourages your kids to take comfortable steps.

Zoneyue Boys Girls Low Top Buckled

The top of these shoes offers maximum breathability thanks to its upper mesh construction.  The soft fabric lining of these shoes is yet another feature for the comfort of the shoes. Your kids’ feet will remain sweat-free and comfortable all day long. Furthermore, its tie-less lacey vamp and Velcro strap provides comfortable wearing of the shoes while giving a feet hugging fit.

The insole of these sneakers come with proper cushioning, which covers those little feet from shocks. Your kid will get the walking on cloud experience with its fully padding at top and bottom both.

This being available in different styles and colour designs can be perfect for both toddlers and adult kids, which is why they are the best shoes for pigeon-toed adults.

The outsole of these shoes takes the responsibility to provide maximum traction on any surface. Your kid will stay protected with its anti-collision toe design and bevelled outsole of these shoes. These shoes’ sporty look and colour-rich designs make them the perfect pair of sneakers for both boys and girls. If your kid is suffering from intoeing, you can get the maximum support from this footwear choice.

  • Tie-less vamp design with Velcro strap

  • Maximum breathability

  • Moisture-wicking lining

  • Complete cushioning of the op and insole

  • Toe-cap design for collision resistance

  • Lightweight

  • Slip-resistance outsole

  • None

  1. KEEN Unisex Kid Newport H2 Sandal

These KEEN summer sandals will encourage your child to carry on all types of playing activities despite displaying any indications of wear and tear. These are incredibly protective shoe wear. A hook and loop strapping mechanism help toddlers to slip on and off fairly quickly.

KEEN Unisex Kid Newport H2 Sandal

The Newport H2 incorporates a style of fast-drying fabric mesh that is suitable for wet environments. The footbed segment includes a metatomical configuration and structural support that provides enhanced arch support and connects to the foot’s natural curves.

The midsole uses EVA foam padding, which is an outstanding option for maintaining the state of the pigeon toe. The footbed is filled with probiotic innovation that reduces the odour of sweating. The upper portion includes straps of polyester that contribute to the lightweight design.

This material is easy to dry and easy to clean, making it simpler to care for and maintain. The outsole uses non – slip rubber material that provides excellent grip capacity. The heel segment hoists an arch support structure that also supports the inner support system.

These shoes despite being rich in features, come with a  lightweight of the shoes. You can get your hands on these shoes for your toddlers for its worth-buying features. You will get maximum colour choice from these shoes So you can consider these shoes unisex shoes.

  • Easy slip-on design

  • Water-friendly

  • Machine washable

  • Good arch support

  • Complete traction from the outsole.

  • Perfect for wide feet

  • Highlights secure lace-up design

  • Different colour choices

  • Not breathable

  1. Hetohec Sports Shoes

next, we have these Hetohec sports shoes. These shoes come with a minimalist look and no cluttered design of the shoes. These shoes have some excellent offering for intoeing children. Firstly, its knitted upper mesh construction provides ultimate softness and breathability, which will keep your kid comfortable all day long.

Hetohec Sports Shoes

The soft cushioning of these shoes is the next highlight for the comfort of the feet. The unique design of these shoes comprises of lacey vamp make for a comfortable fit of the shoes. These shoes are perfect for wide feet babies and narrow-feet kids, both owing to its lacey vamp. While providing adequate room for feet to move, these shoes offer a snug fit.

The shoes offer excellent support from the bottom too. The MD sole of these makes for the lightness of these shoes. On the other hand, the shock-absorbing and bouncing back of the boots also owes to such a sol construction. These shoes have an intricate design to work strategically to adapt to the ground for balancing the body.

These shoes, to offer maximum protection for the kids, come with good traction of the outsole and toe cap protection. Available in different colour choices, You can get these long-lasting shoes for your kids’ school, running, sports, or casual wear. The features of these shoes come with fantastic offerings for intoeing children.

  • Comes with durable construction

  • Breathable top

  • Perfect fit for both wide and narrow feet

  • Come with adequate room for feet

  • MD sole provides lightweight and comfort

  • Good traction from the outsole

  • Little arch support

  • Not ideal for toddlers

Best Shoes For Intoeing Toddler—Buyer Guide

Since your kid is diagnosed with intoeing or pigeon toe, it is your responsibility to take urgent measures. As your child moves with toes point inwards, it will undoubtedly put pressure on specific body parts where they are not supposed to. This unintended pressure putting will lead to discomfort on the feet.

Many experts and orthopaedics suggest that wearing proper supportive shoes will help them with intoeing. Shoes that come with appropriate arch support will relieve the pain. Furthermore, the shoes that have properly contoured out consoles will make for their feet’ steadiness while supporting their bodies.

Yet if your child’s trouble continues despite wearing the supportive shoes, you must refer to the orthopaedics or paediatrician. Nevertheless, it happens rarely, so here I come with a guide for the best shoe for intoeing toddler. I hope you find the perfect pair of footwear for your toddler here.


Can intoeing correct itself?

In many children that are less than eight years of age, the intoeing will start to correct itself. This correction on toes will not require anycast, braces for feet, surgical procedure, or any other special treatment of the feet. Also, the intoeing itself does not lead to pain or arthritis in the long run.

When should intoeing correct itself?

It is commonly seen that children with intoeing feet when turns eight years old mostly correct the intoeing of feet. This in toe correction does not ask for any surgical treatment or a particular procedure or insoles for intoeing.

What type of shoes is suitable for toddlers?

The most suitable pair of shoes for toddlers are hard-soled shoes that comprise rubber or leather. These shows owing to their maximum traction, prevent the child from stumbles and slips. Many sources say that sneakers have more advantages over sandals or boots as they do not constraint toddlers’ feet and ankles. Instead, they provide extra support while moulding to their feet’ shape.

Do toddlers need shoes with arch support?

Mostly the children do not require any exceptional toddler shoes with arch support. All the toddlers who are less than 16 months of age tend to have flat feet. Their flat feet ultimately develop an arch when they turn 6-8 years old. Their shoes need to provide grip from the outsole, complete cushioning for comfort, and flexibility to move their feet.


We know the effort with the intoeing fee of the kids. So here we are with our guide for the best shoes for intoeing toddlers. It will help you a lot in getting the perfect for your kid. All the shoes that we have here provide adequate support for pigeon toes and superior breathability for all-day comfort. You can trust our selection for your kid’s intoeing feet.

The overall winner of our guide here is Powtech kids running shoes. These shoes offer a minimalist look while providing good support and comfort for the intoeing feet. Its tie-lace vamp and mesh top along with MD sole and shock absorbing features make for nothing but the best of shoes.

Though we have other selections too for you, if you want a pair of sandals for intoeing feet, you can go for Keen unisex sandals. Whatever you choose here, the choice is yours. So happy parenting to you!S

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