What Are The Best Basketball Shoes Point Guard In 2021

Best Basketball Shoes Point GuardBasketball is a fun game. But the effort that asks is only known to the players that play the game. This effort will multiply if they do not have excellent products to play the game. Talking about sporting products, you will instantly think about shorts, trousers, etc. but it’s the shoes that support them during the game.

If you are the basketball point guard, then your run job is double that of any other player. You have to protect the ball from getting court and run after the opponents. So for you to get maximum support from the shoes for running is a must. For that, you need shoes that keep you light on feet and yet provide energetic energy return.

At times you do not get the perfect sports shoes. To ease your problem, we came up with the five best basket shoes for point guards guide. The shoes that we have here perfectly fit our criteria for the ideal point guard shoes .so let’s look at our selection standards first and then to the list.

Best Basketball Shoes Point Guard—Buyer Guide

Before moving on to selecting the best basketball shoe point guards, let’s discuss some of the requirements of such shoes.

Fitting: The prime prerequisite of a successful basketball shoe is to give heed to fitting. It describes both ease in footwear and also supports. The worst thing ever is to gamble on the fitting, and it should not ever be attained under any conditions.

Cut Style and Design: The basketball shoes’ cutting style is far more essential than the layout. That’s because designing is mostly for the presentation while cutting is something that makes for better results.

Material: Longevity and warmth strongly depend on the materials used in the manufacturing of basketball shoes. So the fundamental question after that: which sneakers are the best aspect of fabric?

Yes, the reply is straightforward: it’s always leather that supplies a basketball shoe with warmth and long-lasting performance. If you want to grasp the explanation for longevity, you need to realize that they are the best traction choice

It is often MESH, in addition to leather, that endorses basketball shoes. The explanation for its popularity is that it offers the player room to breathe. The Comfort level hits the foot.

Comfort: please remember that discomfort is something that has a tremendous effect on a game’s success. It implies that if your sneakers are too loose or too large, you want a moment’s glance until the purchasing decision.

Traction: The shoe’s bottom, whether it’s basketball or some other usual shoe, has friction, and it has its meaning. You will give a low performance for the game by wearing low-quality sneakers to run or play sports. So a proper grippy outsole is appreciated for basketball shoes.

So this was all for the required features of basketball shoes.

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Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes Point Guard In 2021

  1. WETIKE Kid’s Basketball Shoes – High-Top Outdoor Sneakers

Our first selection is from WETIKE. These high-top basketball shoes come with some top-class features. You can play and guard the basketball game comfortably in these sneakers. These shoes showcase a mesh top that is of single piece flying woven. The beautiful foldable leather surface keeps the hold of the boots on the feet. So this top composition implies maximum breathability and comfort while point guarding in basketball.

WETIKE Kids Basketball Shoes

The shoes’ sole is responsible for the body’s support, so these shoes do not disappoint in this department. The sole comes wetike comes with honeycomb design insole which provides maximum breathability below the feet and perfect shock absorbing for rough and tough games like a basketball. Furthermore, this shoe’s midsole is elastic that can quickly disperse the body’s impact as you run.

Underneath the shoes, the wetike offer maximum grip on the slippery floor of basketball ground with its rubber outsole. These shoes provide maximum durability and wear-resistance with top-quality material construction. Furthermore, these shoes offer a complete fit for the players. They will feel relaxed and confident in these shoes with their enhanced cushioning of the midsole and stability.

Despite being this comfortable, these shoes will not weigh down your feet. Coming with a lightweight upper, these shoes offer maximum support to run here and there for guarding the ball during the game. Furthermore, the verticle and horizontal flex grooves engrafted in these shoes make flexibility in every direction you move.

These shoes are designed explicitly for basket ballplayers. Its shaft measure form mid-top from arch making them good low top basketball shoes point guard. The 15-degree angle at the front of these shoes makes for the perfect support during the gameplay. Besides that these shoes will help you a lot if you want to wear them for jogging, running, exercising or any other activity.

Lastly, these shoes to make for perfect comfort comes with a textile lining on the inside. Your feet will remain sweat-free no matter how hot the game will run. So cutting the chase down, these shoes can serve you perfectly for basketball point guarding as they are the best shoes for point guard basketball. You can rely on its features to make the game fun.

  • Intricately designed for basket ball players

  • Completely breathable from top and bottom

  • Water-absorbing for a sweat-free experience

  • Shock absorbing and abrasion resistance

  • Super grippy rubber sole

  • Maximum support from the arch

  • Different colours and sizes options

  • None

  1. Nike Air Penny II – Basketball-Shoes 820249

Whenever there is talking of sports shoes or sportswear Nike will rock the whole discussion. The Nike products with some top-notch features for sporting fun or any activity. Despite being a little costly, Nike shoes offer comfort and support that no other can make for. Our next pick for the best basketball shoes points guard are these Nike Air penny II basketball shoes.

Nike AIR Penny II Boys Basketball Shoes

First of all, these shoes come with the iconic one-cent logo to show the trademark signature they are brought explicitly for Penny Hardaway. After that, the top of these shows offer a sporty look and feel for the basketball players. These shoes’ top comprises a combination of the synthetic and leather upper that is durable enough to hold against any challenging game.

The basketball point guards will get the maximum companionship from these shoes. The Nike Air Penny II offers the ultimate comfort from the inside with its phylon midsole. The midsole of Air penny will be making for the shock-absorbing and maximum cushioning. Additionally, the best Nike basketball shoes for point guards offer full arch support for the whole body to stabilize during basketball games.

As for the basketball players, the traction and grip of the shoes are a must-have. So talking about the sloe of these shoes, you will get a non-marking rubber outsole here. This nonmarking sole of the boots owes t the herringbone patterns for the maximum traction and grip on the court floor. These shoes are intricately designed for the basketball players to offer maximum comfort all day long.

If you check on these shoes, you can see a visible airbag on these shoes’ heel. This airbag adds to the boots’ looks; it also aids in the maximum shock absorption and impact dispersion; when you take the hasty steps in the court, this airbag will have the back to support all the activity. So you can worry-freely go for these shoes to keep you during the basketball point guarding.

For the proper arch support, these shoes showcase a carbon fiber shank at the midfoot. Furthermore, in these shoes, you will get a good room for the feet to move, making for comfort in the long run. So providing maximum support, comfort, and shock absorption, these Nike Air Penny II shoes can make excellent basketball shoes for point guards. You can rely on the Nike brand for its top-notch shoes and go for these Nike Air Penny II.

  • Durable and long-lasting with synthetic and leather composition

  • Moisture-wicking lining

  • Shock absorbing

  • Slip resistance outsole

  • The sporty and iconic look 

  • Laces are short

  • Runs smaller to size

  1. PUMA Palace Guard – Mid Sneaker

Next on the list are Palace guard shoes from PUMA. These shoes offered great aesthetics; it also comes with great features for athletics, which makes them the Best point guard basketball shoes. Despite being women’s shoes, these can again go for the men’s too. Just keep the size chart in mind and go for these shoes. The design of these shoes offers a feet-hugging experience to the point guards of basketball.

PUMA Palace Guard Mid Sneaker

The design of these shoes owes to a lacey panel with a dual Velcro strap at the vamp. These shoes will stay tight to the feet and will not make you troubled as you run and play. Furthermore, these fashion style sneakers come with an ultra-breathable top. The top comprises leather and has small perforations all over to make for the perfect ventilation. Your feet will remain calm, no matter how hot the game turns.

Unlike others, these fashion sneakers do not have metal lace grooves or hole lac eyelets; instead, they come up with a trendy parallel triangle design of the lace eyelets. The high collar heel of these shoes can hug the feet with snug-fitting straps. These shoes offer maximum comfort with their complete cushioning all over the top of the boots. These Puma shoes also provide a moisture-wicking lining that makes for sweat-free gameplay.

These high-tops were formerly designed for the former Detroit positions to point guard in the low-cut version. But these the palace guard mid fashion sneakers encompass the outline to a mid-cut style prepared for the court games and the streets shoes. So PUMA added a little mix of color to these old shoes and brought them with new features and styles.

The inside of these shoes is super comfortable and comfy with its complete plush. Your feet will remain in excellent supportive form, yet you will be getting a good shock resistance from the midsole. These shoes will help you to stay slip and skid-free with their ultimate traction and grip at the outsole. Different patterns on the bottom and puma engraving make for a super durable grip.

Though these shoes offer proper support for the point guards, it also contributes to remove the insole to insert the custom orthotics. Available in different color combinations, these shoes can also suit men too. But if the men’s feet are complete, they will get narrow for them, yet they will have adequate space inside for the women. Given its features, I will say that these shoes answer the question: What are the best basketball shoes for a point guard?

  • Super breathable leather top

  • Maximum cushioning

  • Explicitly designed for the point guards

  • Super grip at he outsole

  • Abrasion resistance and shock absorbing

  • Moisture-wicking

  • Runs smaller to size

  1. Adidas Harden Vol. 4 Shoes Men’s

Adidas is yet another brand that is highly appreciated by athletes for its high-end products. This pick from Adidas that is Harden vol 4 men’s shoes has all the kit and caboodle for the basket ball point guards. These shoes will maximize efficiency while running in court. This harden vol 4 is a signature line by James harden.

adidas Harden Vol 4

These shoes are intricately designed to maximize comfort, increase energy, and support forever guard to stay firm and safe. By the look of these marvelous shoes, you will get a unique pair for the feet. The top of the shoes comes with a Forgefibre to guarantees that shoes will last as much as you run in the game. Furthermore, the arches are moving the tongue upwards for maximum support.

These sneakers offer maximum comfort and breathability owing to their multi-intended side surface. These indentations make for the proper ventilation to make feet cool during the court run. Also, the top material is very flexible to provide maximum coolness and breathability. Besides, the patchy style pasting of the leather on the toe part adds to the shoes’ classic look.

Now if we talk about the bottom part of these which is most important for support, you will be getting layers of technology down the feet. First of all, the BOOST cushions are inlined to the bottom, which is responsible for the maximum energy return and full responsiveness, besides that this cushioning contributes to the top shock absorbing and energy performance.

You will be enjoying full control and containment with no excessive weight on the feet owing to its enhanced silhouette structure. Furthermore, these shoes offer maximum cushioning to make running on cloud experience for you during the game. The inside of the boots also has sweat-absorbing properties to push for full sweat-free gaming fun.

The tongue of these shoes depicts an exciting design. You will see the semi-burrito shape of the tongue, which makes for adequate lockdown security and sensation. So, in a nutshell, these shoes have a well-thought design that can mark them ideal Basketball shoes point guard. Its comfort, support, and design depict that you can quickly go for these shoes.

  • Top indentation for breathability

  • Silhouette cuts for proper support

  • Full cushioning for comfort

  • Shock absorption

  • Completely grippy outsole

  • Designed explicitly for basketball point guards

  • Sizing issues

  1. Adidas Dual Threat 2017 Shoe – Men’s Basketball

The final pick of our list of Best basketball shoes for shooting guards 2020 is these Adidas dual-threat shoes. Like we said above, Adidas has considered one of the best brands for sportswear, so these shoes offer nothing but best features too. These shoes provide full support for performing on the end of the court floor.

adidas Dual Threat 2017 Shoe

If we talk about features, the mesh top of these shoes offers ultra breathability to stay cool during the game. An interesting thing in these shoes is the webbing in the forefoot. This webbing makes for the custom fit of the shoes. Your shoes will be having a proper lockdown and stay in place fit from this top. The tongue of these shoes also has a complete breathable mesh fabric composition that guarantees maximum coolness.

Though these shoes have maximum cushioning all over, it does not mean that these shoes will weigh you down. The lightweight foam in the collar makes for additional comfort yet not weighing you down. Furthermore, the midsole also has lightweight cushioning, which is why this shoe stays light on its feet.

The inside of these shoes makes for a sweat-free experience with its moisture-wicking lining. Your feet will stay dry during the running and guarding of the ball during the game. The top composition is also of synthetic material and textile that marks them the durable and long-lasting footwear for the basketball point guards.

The bottom of these shoes offers maximum control of the shoes. You will be having good grip as you step in these with its circular traction pattern on the outsole. These high-top basketball sneakers also offer good support as they are a little up from the toe part and has adequate support for the run and fun game like basketball.

Adidas’s new basketball shoes can provide you with the maximum comfort, support, and fun-run experience. While not costing that much these shoes offer all the kit and caboodle for the basketball point guard job. You can rely on these shoes for full supportive feedback from the ground up and watch yourself highly energetic during the game.

  • Completely breathable

  • Webbing at front for a custom fit

  • Completely cushioned

  • Lightweight

  • Full grip from the outsole

  • None


Can you jump higher in basketball shoes?

Some experts suggest that athletes can jump higher when they wear shoes that elevate the jump height. It was studied that some athletes can jump higher when they wear jump-enhancing shoes like shoes having sping assistance basketball shoes; it does not matter how old the footgear is.

What shoes were banned from the NBA?

The NBA bans the APL Concept 1 shoes. The APL Concept 1 was prohibited for the 2010-2011 season as they had the competitive lead against Load ‘N Launch Technology make available. Further on February 3, 2011, the NFHS take back its ban from the APL basketball shoes.

What shoes increase vertical jump?

Jumpsole sneakers are the most famous training tools for basketball performance to improve the vertical jump. Jump soles are like Plyometric platforms that connect to the sneakers. Such Jumpsoles center your weight on your calves and, like a strong cat, prepare you to leap off the balls of your feet. So resultantly, you jump higher.














So this was our guide for the Top basketball shoes for point guards. I hope you like our selections. All the shoes that we selected here perfectly fit the criteria for choosing the point guards basketball shoes. We put a lot of effort into spending hours searching on the internet so that we can bring the best picks for you here.

Though the product that we have here are, all the best and perfect for the best basketball shoes point guards, the winner of our guide is wetike basketball sneakers. These shoes showcase some top-notch features for comfortable running yet not compromising on the looks. So go for our guide and find the best picks for basketballing.

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